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Troy Hibbitts, Science Dept Chair

Troy is an avid outdoorsman (herper, naturalist, photographer, and hunter), a shooter and gun nut (or more precisely, a Rifle Looney), a photographer, sci-fi junkie (novels, film, and art), and runs marathons (13 and counting, including the Boston Marathon in 2014 and 2015). He's also run one 50 mile ultramarthon at Utah's Bryce Canyon. In past years, he's also worked out as a martial artist (2nd Dan Taekwondo).

Professionally, Troy has worked as a high school science teacher for twenty years, and currently works at Brackett High School serving as the Science Dept Chair and teaching:

Advanced Placement Biology (1st period)
Anatomy & Physiology (2nd period)
Biology 1 (periods 3,4,6)
Health Sciences (7th period)
Science Research & Design (7th period)

conference period - 8th
department head planning/meeting period - 5th

Student Resources for Mr. Hibbitts's classes can be found on his google drive here: --------------------->>

In past years he has taught Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Systems, Intro to Physics & Chemistry, 8th Grade Science, 7th Grade Science, and Geometry. He taught for 5 years at Uvalde High School, 8 years at Arlington Bowie High School, and 1 year at Fort Worth's Daggett Middle School. He has also worked as an environmental consultant and as a museum collections manager.

Troy has a Bachelors of Science in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences from Texas A&M University. He earned a Master's of Science in Biology at the University of Texas at Arlington. His master's thesis was titled, "Geographic Variation and Evolultionary Relationships of the Ringnecked Snakes (Genus Diadophis). He has published 3 books on Reptiles & Amphibians:

"Texas Amphibians" by Bob Tipton, Terry Hibbitts, Troy Hibbitts, Toby Hibbitts, and Travis LaDuc (2012)

"Texas Lizards" by Troy Hibbitts and Toby Hibbitts (2015)

"Texas Turtles and Crocodilians" by Troy Hibbitts and Terry Hibbitts (due out Jan 2016)

Troy's favorite places include the mountains of the Desert Southwest and the mountains of Namibia in southwest Africa - he loves the freedom of the wide-open spaces. He is also a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, and Texas Rangers
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